1. How much does a ticket to the fair cost?
Ticket for Trade Visitor:
from 31 Aug to 6 Sep PLN 100 incl. VAT /1 day /1 person
from 7 Sep to 19 Sep PLN 120 incl. VAT /1 day /1 person
from 20 Sep to 24 Sep PLN 160 incl. VAT /1 day /1 person
Ticket for General Public – only 24.09.2021, enable to visit the external exhibition. One person ticket – 20 PLN. There is no discount.

2. What time will the fair be open to visitors?
21.09.2021 | 10.00 – 17.00
22.09.2021 | 10.00 – 17.00
23.09.2021 | 10.00 – 17.00
24.09.2021 | 10.00 – 16.00 | Education&Career Day, Audience/Public participation

3. I have a technical problem with registration/purchasing ticket.

Please contact with us via mail: trakoshop@mtgsa.com.pl

4. How can I purchase entry pass for Trade Visitor?
To buy Trade Visitor entry pass you need to register or log in to the system, and complete the application form. In the form you have to select the day you want to buy a ticket for. All information about Trade Visitors’ tickets you can find here: http://trakotargi.amberexpo.pl/title,Trade_Visitors,pid,2899.html

5. How can I pay for Trade Visitor entry pass?

Payment method: BLIK, VISA card, MASTERCARD card, GOOGLE PAY, bank transfer.

6. I am an exhibitor. I would like to purchase tickets for my Business Partners and Trade Visitors.
Please contact the TRAKO2021 Trade Fair Organisation Office: trako2021@mtgsa.com.pl

7. I received a CODE to be exchanged for a entry pass. What should I do next?
If you have received a CODE to be exchanged for a entry pass from an Exhibitor at TRAKO2021, please enter it when choosing a ticket in the system (after log in). More information: http://trakotargi.amberexpo.pl/title,Trade_Visitors,pid,2899.html

8. Does Trade Visitor ID authorise to attend in all events at TRAKO (including conferences)?
Yes. Trade Visitor ID authorise to attend in all events, which are open for audience.

9. How can I buy tickets for the General Public?
This year the audience will be able to visit only the external exhibitions on September 24. One person ticket – PLN 20 – will be available at the reception only on Friday. Payment with a credit card (there is not cash register, no prepayments) at the reception desk at the entrance to the fairgrounds.

10. Is there an admission fee to the Education & Career Day (24/09)?
Entry pass to the Education & Career Day is free of charge for pupils, students and teachers. However, everybody must register themselves online at: https://trako21.exposupport.pl/careerday/register. In addition, entry to the event will also be possible for those who have an Trade Guest’s or Exhibitor’s ID. Others are welcome to take part in TRAKO as the General Public.

11. How can I accredite as a media?
All information about Media Accreditation you can find here: http://trakotargi.amberexpo.pl/title,MEDIA,pid,4666.html

12. What security measures will the organiser take in the context of COVID-19?
Full Epidemic Safety Instructions download (pdf)

13. Who is a vaccinated individual?
According to the Polish Council of Ministers’ Ordinance on the establishment of specific restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the occurrence of the state of epidemic (Journal of Laws 2021.861 as amended), the term “an individual vaccinated against COVID-19” is to be construed as a person who has been issued a certificate of protective vaccination against COVID-19 with a vaccine that has been approved for marketing in the European Union. (§3.2.14)
A vaccination certificate is issued after both doses of the vaccine have been administered (in the case of two dose vaccines). For Polish nationals, a vaccination certificate is available at the Online Patient Account (IKP), it is also possible to obtain a printout of the certificate at a vaccination centre.

14. How will verification of vaccinated people take place?
When entering the fairgrounds, a person with the entry pass for vaccinated individuals will be asked to present a relevant certificate to confirm the vaccinations with a QR code along with an identity document containing the holder’s photo. In the case of Polish citizens, the mObywatel mobile application is recommended for use. If it is not possible to verify whether the person with the entry pass for vaccinated individuals has been fully vaccinated, they will be treated as an unvaccinated individual and will be allowed to enter the fairgrounds only if the permitted limit on the number of people is not exceeded.

15. Where can I find the programme of the event?
The current programme you can find here: http://trakotargi.amberexpo.pl/title,PROGRAMME,pid,4723.html

16. Where can I find Exhibitor list?
Exhibitor list: http://trakotargi.amberexpo.pl/title,EXHIBITOR_LIST_2021,pid,4309.html

17. How to get to AMBEREXPO?
There is possibility to get to by car or public transport. Due to changes in traffic organisation we recommend access by public transport.

Public transport:
Stop Żaglowa - AMBEREXPO
Line 7 (runs on weekdays)
Line 10 (runs all weekdays)
Timetable available at https://ztm.gda.pl/rozklady/

Access will be possible from Marynarki Polskiej Street. During the event it will be possibility to park in car parks P5 and P6. Detailed information will be available in the ACCESS tab - http://trakotargi.amberexpo.pl/title,Dojazd,pid,2903.html

We also encourage you to use the car-sharing service - PKP Mobility. The service is currently available at the stations: Gdańsk Główny, Gdańsk Oliwa and Gdynia Główna.
More information: https://easyshare.pl/pkpmobility

FREENOW – apps; to download in App Store and Google Play Store.
The taxi stop is located on the right lane of Żaglowa Street, from the entrance to Parking P6 to the entrance to the Tax Office.

18. Will be a possibility to park in the fair area?
Yes. During the event it will be possibility to park in car parks P5 and P6/P7. The parking ticket will be available for purchase only at the scene. Parking Meter accepts coins and credit cards only.

21.09 (Tuesday) – 8.30 am – 9.30 pm
22.09 (Wednesday) – 8.30 am – 9.30 pm
23.09 (Thursday) – 8.30 am – 9.30 pm
24.09 (Friday) – 8.30 am – 7.30 pm
Price (minimum park timeframe: 3h): 3 h – 30 PLN, every next hour – 10 PLN, all day – 60 PLN.

21.09 (Tuesday) – 8.30 am – 9.30 pm
22.09 (Wednesday) – 8.30 am – 9.30 pm
23.09 (Thursday) – 8.30 am – 9.30 pm
24.09 (Friday) – 8.30 am – 7.30 pm
Cena (minimum park timeframe: 3h): 3 h – 45 PLN, every next hour – 15 PLN, all day – 80 PLN.

19. Which hotels do you recommend?
You are welcome to use the hotel services offered by our partners. Contact to Travel Office BT Gdanka Travel and more information you can find here: http://trakotargi.amberexpo.pl/title,Accommodation,pid,645.html

20. Can I take a child to the fair?
We do not recommend taking children to the event. Above all, TRAKO is event dedicated for business guests.